Associates and Couples



The Associates, priests or laypersons, receive a spiritual formation proper to them and spend some time in solitude. Following the teachings of the saints of Carmel and the Founder of NDV Institute, Venerable Marie Eugene, they make prayer the center of their lives. Thus, they can be witnesses of God in their milieu. They commit themselves to one hour of prayer every day. They receive the scapular of NDV which allows them to participate in the Marian grace of Carmel and engage themselves as well in private vows.


Foyers (Couples) of Notre Dame de Vie

They are married couples who are associated to Notre Dame de Vie Institute, participating in its Marian grace by their commitment to daily prayer. Through a mutual decision between husband and wife, they take the first step of engagement by the reception of the brown scapular once they are able to commit themselves to a half hour of daily prayer. The next step is marked by their commitment to a daily hour of prayer thereby living the ideal of the Institute of integrating action and contemplation.

The Foyers of Notre Dame de Vie undergo formation sessions, which include conferences on silent prayer as taught by the Carmelite Masters and Venerable Marie Eugene. Through their annual Advent and Lenten Retreats, as well as regular visits to the Center of Solitude they strengthen their ties with NDV.


Other forms of affiliation to Notre Dame de Vie

Other groups animated by members of Notre Dame de Vie and are committed to personal silent prayer, also share in the spirit of Notre Dame de Vie and are thus affiliated to it.




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