One of the most important aspects of Teresa’s experience and doctrine is the place held by Jesus Christ. From the moment He forcefully enters into her life (cf. Life, Chap. 9), He will be the Living Book for her intellect:


...The Lord showed so much love for me by teaching me in many ways, that I had very little or almost no need for books. His Majesty had become the true book in which I saw the truths.”

Life 26, 5


He will be the example for her life, the teacher and companion in prayer. He will be the beauty capable of channelling Teresa’s affectivity and unleashing all her power of loving, and the true friend who gives Himself unreservedly (Life 22, 6), the all-powerful Lord and Majesty who accomplishes all He says. 


Like St. Paul who declared, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ,” Teresa henceforth lives in Christ and hears in her turn: “No one can ever separate you from Me.”


Until the end of her days, she will always look on the Humanity of Christ. She considers false or suspect any teaching which veers away from Him or does not lead to Him. To have vigorously established this truth, in the context of her times, which rather denied than affirmed it, constitutes one of her titles to glory. She admirably anticipates the teaching of Vatican II on this point in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church.




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